Apple will require app privacy ‘nutrition label’ info next month

Back at WWDC 2020 in June, Apple said it would start requiring developers to detail exactly what data they collect on users so that it could populate its app stores with privacy labels that make that information easy to digest. Following an update on iOS 14’s ad anti-tracking feature, we knew developers would have to share those details with the company starting later this year, but now we have an exact date. 

Starting on December 8th, Apple will require all third-party developers to detail their app’s privacy information. That’s the day we’ll likely see the labels start appearing as well. Developers can already share those details through the company’s App Store Connect website, and it’s a must for any new apps or updates they submit to Apple.

As an Apple device owner, you’ll see the labels when you visit the store page of an application. They’ll tell you in broad strokes what data an app collects on you, as well as whether that information is linked to you or if it can be used to track you. 

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