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Hard drive inaccessible? I will do my best to recover your precious data. I know how much your pictures, videos and other documents mean to you. The Mac Guy has invested in equipment to recover data from drives that have no physical damage or partial malfunctions.  Most of the time, this means we can recover files efficiently and economically.  Pricing varies so please contact me for a customized quote.

If the damage is more severe however, it may require a professional data recovery facility to do the job. The Mac Guy has partnered with several high-level recovery providers to provide you with the best service in data recovery, without any of the hassle – and at discounted rates!  Pricing varies so please contact me for a customized quote.

I’ll personally handle your case – choosing the best provider for your situation, prepping and shipping the drive and following every step of the process.

Hard drives are one of the most sensitive parts of your computer, the distance between the read/write heads are typically less than the width of a human hair from the spinning disk. It’s a wonder these parts can be swapped around to recover data at all. Especially when you consider that a single speck of dust can have a disastrous effect.  Having a backup for your data is critical.  If you need a suggestion on backup methods or setting up online backup, let me know!

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