About The Mac Guy

Mac Passion

You’ve been to the Genius Bar. You’ve tried other Apple Resellers. At the end of the day, your problems are still not solved. I know your frustration and I will do my best to not add to it. If I can’t fix your problem or I don’t deliver on my promises – you don’t pay. It’s that simple. I stand behind my work 100%.

Macintosh computers are my passion. And part of this drive is my willingness to share my knowledge and experience with others. Whatever you plan to do with your computer…whether it’s keeping track of home finances, running a business, or just for your kids…I really care that you get the most out of your computer purchase.

Since 1994, I have developed my expertise with Macs. Working with business clients, home users, design studios, schools – people just like you. I have the kind of unique knowledge that only 14+ years of using Macs can provide. More, now than ever, you need the experience of an expert that knows Macs, inside and out. From classic systems to the latest Intel Macs.

A broad experience

Having been both a technician and a production artist, I know the type of problems you might run into – remember, I’ve been there too! Whether you’re buying your first computer, seeking a solution to perform a specific task, or just need a recommendation before purchasing, I’ll be happy to help.

Have an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Vision Pro and want to integrate them into your digital lifestyle? I can help. I offer discrete and professional service at all levels. From home users wishing to “get better” on the Mac to experienced ones that are having a technical meltdown. I’m here. I can help.

In house repairs

We are proud that we can fix almost any model.  Most repairs can be completed within the same day, pending parts availability.  For repairs that require more specialized equipment, we have a great relationship with an outside lab that we send repairs to via shipping.

What people say

Hundreds of satisfied customers