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Dr. Ross Quackenbush

"Brant successfully solved some very difficult, critically important problems for me that were simply too much for the "Macologists" at the Salem Mac store. They actually gave up and handed me back an unfixed computer (!) After fixing my problems, he helped me set up a super secure back up system with 3 independent locations so that I never have to worry about lost data again. He is the most competent computer technician I have worked with in the nearly 20 years I have run my business."


The Mark It Group

"On time, intelligent, informed, proactive and discussed issues and solutions in terms that were easy to understand. A much, much better experience than the Genius counter at Apple.""


Matt Crateau

"Mac Guy is run by a true professional. Not only is the knowledge of Macs (hardware and software) way above par, but the service is fantastic. When was the last time you had a provider look for ways to save you money and time -- all the while making the interaction an educational experience for you? I venture to say the level of service you get with Mac Guy is very far and few between anymore. Thank you Salem Mac Guy!!"


David Conrad

"Brant is friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. Highly recommended! I go to him for all my mac needs."


Naseem Rakha

"Face it, if you are not super tech savvy, then the ins and outs of modems and megabytes and wifi and hard drives and backups can become overwhelming. Add to that the growing number of devices in our homes and pockets and backpacks, and you have a recipe of confusion. In walks the Mac Guy, knowing just what questions to ask, and what to look for to make sure your system is functioning at its best and most efficient. Best of all, he can explain it all in a way that even I, a way too busy and far to un-tech savvy person, can understand.

The Mac Guy is now go-to guy.

PS - he knows PC's too."


Galileo Coaching

"Easy to schedule, very prompt, thorough, helpful, and good communication skills."


Lori Keller

"Thought you were great and easy to communicate with :0)."


Renee Barratt

The Salem Mac Guy helped me troubleshoot my iPhone AND fixed my mom's DYING Macbook. All in ONE day. Seriously, if you need computer support, Brant is your guy!


Terri Ellen (1)

He's better than the System Engineers who supported me when I was at Apple! He delivers at 10:30 PM!!


Terri Ellen (2)

WOW! Blazing fast! I have to get some sleep tonight but I want to play with my new computer! Well, it's new to me! Thank you, Thank you The Salem Mac Guy!


Sabina Urdes

Thank you SO much for your help! Definitely add Eugene to the list of places where you made a Mac happy ;)


CeAnne Kosel

Thanks for fixing my ibook! Works great... using it right now :)


Linda Lockwood Geissler

If you need in-home help with your mac computer, you are at the right place. Go to Brant's website and schedule a visit. You can talk with him via email before if you aren't sure about the problem. We have hired him twice at our home, and I am sure we will again. He will help my parents this weekend, too. I highly recommend Brant's service to you all.


Lindsey Asher

I recently had the pleasure of being helped by the Salem Mac Guy with my new iPhone. Not only did I experience fast and effective service but Brant took the time to explain things to me in a way that was helpful and not demeaning. I'm moving up with new technologies and with help from the Salem Mac Guy I can be confident that I'll make it through just fine!