Why Mac Guy?


You've been to the Genius Bar. You've tried other Apple Resellers. At the end of the day, your problems are still not solved. I know your frustration and I will do my best to not add to it. The Mac Guy has a personal guarantee that goes like this: If I can’t fix your problem or I don’t deliver on my promises – you don’t pay. It’s that simple. I stand behind my work 100%.


This Is My Passion

Macintosh computers are my passion. And part of this drive is my willingness to share my knowledge and experience with others. Whatever you plan to do with your computer...whether it's keeping track of home finances, running a business, or just for your kids...I really care that you get the most out of your computer purchase.


I Have The Experience, And It Shows In My Work

Since 1994, I have developed my expertise with Macs. Working with fortune 500 clients, home users, design studios, schools - people just like you. I have the kind of unique knowledge that only 14 years of using Macs can provide. More, now than ever, you need the experience of an expert that knows Macs, inside and out. From classic systems to the latest Intel Macs.


What Can We Do For You?

Being both "techie" and an artist, I know the type of problems you might run into – remember, I've been there too! Whether you're buying your first computer, seeking a solution to perform a specific task, or just need a recommendation before purchasing, I'll be happy to help.

Have an iPhone and an iPod and want to integrate them into your digital lifestyle? I can help. I offer discreet and professional service at all levels. Home users wishing to "get better" on the Mac to experienced ones that are having a technical meltdown. I'm here. I can help.

Some of my clients have been kind enough to pen some kind words about my work - see them here.


Service Rates

I know that when your system crashes, you can’t afford the downtime. That’s why my configurations are guaranteed. My work takes a little longer, but when I set up your system it stays up. I isolate your problems using experienced methodology – and I fix them. I'm available during late afternoon and evening hours and 362 days a year (okay...okay, I WILL WORK on Christmas, New Years and Thanksgiving - but you won’t like the rate and I'll bet it can wait a day. Travel time is included and the clock starts when you say go.)

Remote diagnostics and repairs are available to broadband Internet users.

Standard Rates:

  • Tech Support in your home or at your business - $125/hr (30min minimum home / 60min business)    (Nonprofit?  Give me a call for a special rate)
  • Remote Support - The next best thing to my being there!  I can see and control your screen remotely as we talk on the phone.  Available Worldwide.
  • Training varies - please contact me for a customized quote!

Please feel free to give me a call at (503) 334-3160, or drop me a note at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Typically, it's best to either book an appointment, or text me if you have a question. I'm blessed to be so busy these days that it's hard to get to voicemails!


If your hardware needs repair let me handle it. I have great relationships with manufacturers and dealers and I'll get you the fastest service.